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Plush-A-Pet brings heartwarming memories of your pets to life with our unique plush animal clones.

Each clone is individually handcrafted to capture all the unique characteristics of your favorite pet. We give updates and provide revisions according to requests before we ship the plush animal clone.

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Featured Customer Review

We received our Plush-a-pet a couple of days ago and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you. Our Shadow had developed cancer and we had to have her put down last month. The Plush-A-Pet is almost an exact replica. We love it!! Thank you for the incredible job you did making her so real! I have seen similar products from 2 other companies who make a stuffed animal replica of your pet and yours is superiors to the others by far. Thank you again!!

Terralyn Polege
September 4, 2022

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How to Order Plush Animal Clone

Step 1

To make a purchase, you have to create an account. Click LOGIN and then register your account. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive fresh updates about PLUSH-A-PET.

Step 2

Click ‘Select Your Pet’s Breed’ button on the home page.

Step 3

Choose an image similar to your lovely pet’s breed. If you cannot find one, you may click Custom Stuffed Animal Clone.

Step 4

Upload photos of your pet. Make sure to include every part of your pet’s adorable body. Add remarks about your pet’s most distinguishing features on the “Notes” box. Once done, click ‘Add to Cart’.

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